How do I register for Hill-Rom Parts Online?
A: In the upper right section of the first screen you see when you navigate to, there will be "Login" and "Register" selections available. Click "Register" and fill in the required information. Once complete you will receive a message confirming your registration has been sent to Customer Service. You will receive a user id and password via the email address you provided once your account has been setup.

How do I reset my password for Hill-Rom Parts Online?
A: In the upper right section of the first screen you see when you navigate to, there will be "Login" and "Register" selections available. Click "Login" and then click "Forgot Password?" Enter the User ID and Email address you used to register and you will receive a new system generated password via email. Remember to change your password once you successfully log in.

Navigation and ordering FAQs

Q: How do I search for a Hill-Rom part number?
A: In the upper right section of every screen is "Advanced search". Click this option. You will then be taken to a page where you can search by product description, or if you remember a portion of the part number, you can search using that information as well.

Q: How do I browse all the parts for a specific hospital bed?
A: On the left side just below "HOME" you will see "Online Catalog". Click this option, then select your bed model and a list of parts will appear. You can choose how many parts to view per page and sort them by description, price, or item number.

Q: How do I create a list of favorite Hill-Rom parts?
A: There are a number of ways to start a list of items you frequently purchase. Option 1: On the left side of the screen, click "Customer Self Service", and then click "My List". Then, on the right side, click "Add". Enter a "List Name" and then enter a description of that list for future reference such as "Items for VersaCare beds". Now when you go back to search for parts, you can simply enter a quantity you need next to the part number and click the "Add to List" button and it will be saved in your list. You can make multiple lists if you desire using the same procedure above. Option 2: When selecting parts you can simply enter a quantity next to the part you want, and then select "Add to List". A new selection will appear "Add New List" - click here. This will take you to where you will name your new list as in Option 1. Ordering from a list: Once you have created a list you can simply go to "Customer Self Service" on the left side, then click "My List". Select the radio button for the list you want to order from and click "Add to Cart" on the right side. The items in your selected list will now be in your cart. You will see some of those items on the far right side under "Shopping Cart".

Q: How do I search by a Hill-Rom part number?
A: There are two easy ways to take care of this. "Order Pad" can be found under "Customer Self Service" or to the far right of each page. Either way will take you to the pad where you simply enter your part numbers and quantities. From here, click the magnifying glass to search for a part number, as well as show the list price and availability. Once you have your items entered click "Add to Cart" and they will be transferred to your cart awaiting checkout.

Q: How do I complete and pay for my Hill-Rom Parts Online order?
A: You can click "View More" under "Shopping cart" on the far right side or you can click "CART" in the menu bar. The "CART" selection in the menu bar will always have a running tally of the number of different items that are currently in your cart. Once clicked you will be at the "Review Cart" area where you can verify your order and click "Proceed to Checkout", change quantities, add the items to your list, change your shipping address, create a quote order or delete items. On the "Payment Information" page you can enter your PO information or you can pay with a credit card. Fill in your information as detailed as possible. Click "Continue" when you are finished. The "Order Summary" page gives you one last chance to review your order or back up and make changes. If you are finished and your order is correct, then click "Confirm Order". The "Order Confirmation" page allows you to secure an order number, print or review your order, or even download your order to Excel for your records.

Q: How do I view my past Hill-Rom Parts Online orders?
A: Hill-Rom Parts Online allows you to do more than view them! Under "Customer Self Service" on the left side you will find various options to view and print your orders. "Order Inquiry", "Invoice Inquiry", and "Open Invoice Payment".
"Order Inquiry" has options for you to search by a date range, lookup an order number, or search for particular part numbers inside of your orders. Once you find the order or orders you are interested in you can also have them emailed to you.

Q: How do I contact Hill-Rom Parts Online customer service?
A: If you are having issues trying to complete an order please call Hill-Rom at 800-445-3720 option 1. We will be happy to assist you with your order.